How to Address and Overcome Your Weaknesses in Your Career Search

Although it is important to focus on your strengths during your job search, it is also crucial that you take a closer look at your weaknesses. By recognizing and overcoming your weaknesses, you can become a more qualified candidate during your job search and unlock your full potential.

Identify your Weaknesses

The first step to overcoming your weaknesses is to identify them and take accountability for them. Have you been avoiding your weaknesses and putting them out of your mind? Have they been holding you back in your job search? For example, were there specific jobs you avoided applying to because you were nervous your weaknesses would not allow you to fulfill the job responsibilities? Identifying and understanding your weaknesses will help you create a plan on how to improve them and stop them from affecting your job search.

Create A Plan

Once you have a better understanding of what weaknesses you have and how they are affecting you, you can create a plan on how to overcome them. For example, if public speaking is something that causes you anxiety, work on overcoming this fear by speaking in front of friends and family. This will help you gain confidence when speaking in your upcoming interviews and prepare you for job opportunities that involve speaking tasks.

Put the Plan into Action

When your plan is set and you have specific goals you want to achieve, it’s time to put that plan into action. Start with small changes and then determine if your plan needs to be adjusted in any way. For example, apply those public speaking tools you learned from your practice in an interview. Your preparation will help you complete the interview in a more efficient way. These improvements could be something that set you apart from other candidates and give you the confidence to seek out a job opportunity you may not have previously applied for.

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