The Importance of Honesty in a Leasing Consultant Position

Honesty is crucial to build a genuine relationship with possible residents when selling them a rental unit. If leasing consultants give false information or shield future residents from negative answers, these prospects will believe that the property’s employees will be dishonest to them in the future after they move in. A successful leasing consultant gives honest and informed answers to questions and provides all the facts when it comes to property amenities and facilities. Here are some examples of why honesty is always the best policy in a leasing consultant position.

Shows You Have Nothing to Hide

Answering each question openly and honestly is key during a walkthrough or appointment with a prospective resident. Leasing consultants want to avoid making a future resident feel like they are hiding something or avoiding answering questions wholeheartedly. It is important to build a strong and trustworthy bond during the first appointment or walk-through, so leasing consultants not only make a great first impression but also make future residents feel comfortable moving forward with signing a lease.

Avoid Overselling or Overpromising

When addressing resident questions, leasing consultants should not make promises that they will not be able to keep in the future. Overpromising on different requests or wishes will hold them to a high standard in the resident’s mind after they move into their rental unit. Residents will be angry and let down when the property cannot provide them what their leasing consultant had previously promised them. Giving honest answers and timelines on requests shows that leasing consultants are not afraid of the truth and they find it necessary to provide the future resident with every necessary detail before they decide to sign a lease at the property.

Your Dishonesty Impacts your Brand

A leasing consultant represents the property that they are working for and it is their responsibility to showcase rental units and treat residents in the best way possible. Displaying honesty shows integrity, self-awareness, and respect. A leasing consultant should exemplify the highest level of customer service and put themselves in the resident’s shoes. They want to feel that the leasing consultant is knowledgeable of the rental unit’s offerings and that the property is professional and trustworthy.

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