What Will Impress the Hiring Manager?

When interviewing for your next property management position, you want to know what the hiring manager is looking for. Determining which areas to focus on will help you prepare answers to important questions and increase your chances of being offered a position.


Because every day in property management is different, you need to quickly handle anything that comes your way. Discuss a time you had to try various strategies to overcome a problem you encountered. Or, bring up an example of how you adapted to using new property management technology to increase efficiency. Mention a time you used your skills to inspire teammates to embrace change.

Personality Fit With the Office

When who you are blends with the work environment, you feel more comfortable and perform your best. Demonstrate how your work style seamlessly fits with how the office is run. Or, talk about how your ideal workday would be structured. You may include whether you prefer full- or part-time work, morning or evening hours, or individual or collaborative tasks. You also can include whether you prefer wearing multiple hats or having one defined task, or whether you prefer regular check-ins with your team or independent work.

Professional Development

Emphasize how you develop your soft skills, which help you perform under pressure. Examples include cooperating with others, showing empathy, and implementing feedback on your work performance. Share your networking methods and results. Employees with a large number of connections have greater influence than those without. Plus, mention how you create your own development plan at work if a formal one is not offered. You may participate in seminars, conferences, classes or stretch assignments to add to your skill set and experience level.

Work Ethic

Attaining company goals is key to maintaining operations. Share examples of how you demonstrated integrity by building trusting relationships with colleagues, supervisors and clients. Mention your sense of responsibility for how you perform your work and what you accomplish daily. Emphasize how maintaining a high level of quality matters to you. Discuss how you value discipline in remaining engaged in your tasks and achieving your goals.

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