What Does the Property Management Recruiter Want to Hear From You?

Because property management companies are increasingly selective about whom they hire, when it comes time to find your next position, contact a recruiter specializing in the industry. Since a recruiter has strong personal connections with multiple property management companies, your odds of securing a job interview greatly increase. Focus on these areas when talking with a property management recruiter.

Your Biggest Strengths

Perhaps you regularly take on additional tasks to help your co-workers or manager while learning new skills. Maybe you actively participate in a property management association to meet fellow professionals and stay current in the industry. You should actively search for answers to problems that may arise while working. Show how you add value for an employer.

Your Top Accomplishments

Point out specific examples of how your skills and experience contributed to past successes and benefitted a former employer. For instance, “As a leasing agent, because I implemented what I learned from participating in online webinars, I improved my closing ratio from 65 percent to 97 percent over a 12-month period.” Or, “As a property manager, I increased employee engagement by 30 percent for 25 staff members over a six-month period.”

Your Job Criteria  

Not only do you need to possess the skills and qualifications listed for the role, you must know how a position fits with your career goals. For instance, do you have prior experience in either property management, retail or another industry with related job skills? What type of culture are you most comfortable in? How would this role move your career forward?


Sharing false information about your education, qualifications, salary history or other details will harm you in the long run. Your misinformation will be discovered through a background check, job reference, online search or other method, and you will not be offered the position you want. Also, let the recruiter know if you already interviewed with a company or plan to contact a company on your own so they do not submit your resume. Plus, let the recruiter know when you are not interested in a position so they can focus their efforts on something different.

Limited Requests for Status Updates

Avoid being overbearing by contacting the recruiter too frequently. Respect their time as they place the proper candidates with a company. After all, the recruiter works for the property management company, not for you.

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