Quiet Personality? A Guide to Showing Your Accomplishments

In today’s job market, you need to show your accomplishments so employers understand how you can benefit them. With a quiet personality, openly sharing your successes can be extremely challenging. However, you need to start talking up your most valuable work contributions to move forward in your career.

Highlight Your Strengths

What are your three biggest strengths? As someone with a quiet personality, you may be highly creative and innovative and possess strong problem-solving skills. With an understated style, you may make it a point to provide clear feedback to others, so they understand what you are thinking and can ask questions for clarification. And, you most likely listen to others’ ideas and opinions before making a decision. Because you are highly observant, you pay attention to body language, facial expressions and other subtle cues to determine whether someone truly means what they say.

Focus on Your Successes

Which three of your successes are you most proud of? You may have increased resident retention from 60 percent to 95 percent in a 12-month period. You might have installed low-flow toilets throughout an apartment complex and saved 15 percent annually on the water bill. Sharing stories about your accomplishments lets you show your real self and form true connections with others. When you take credit for your accomplishments, you are rewarded with choice projects and promotions. Include a sense of gratitude for what you have accomplished. Be humorous and self-deprecating, so others can relate to you.

Remain Brief

Can you condense your top three successes into brag bites? Brag bites are short sound bites and brief marketing dialogues about yourself that you can share in any situation and still appear genuine. For instance, “As a property manager, I am fortunate to lead a staff of 50 engaged employees who provide top-quality service to residents.” Or, “As a maintenance professional for a leading property management company, I enjoy taking on a variety of challenges to keep the complex safe and efficiently operating.”

Interview With a Leader in Property Management

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