Why Retail Provides the Perfect Career Shift to Property Management

If you work in retail, you may be looking for a career change. You will most likely want to move to an industry that requires the skill set you have and lets you further develop it. If this sounds like you, then you should learn more about getting your foot in the door of property management.

Soft Skills

Similar soft skills are required for both retail and property management. Retail requires a strong understanding of how the company and industry operate. Employees must understand what they sell and what types of customers will purchase their offerings. Related skills include awareness of trends, marketing, and management. The same skills are necessary in property management. Retail also requires strong communication skills. Employees must clearly and effectively speak with customers, co-workers, managers, and buyers. Related skills include greeting customers, answering questions, and resolving issues. These skills are required to succeed in property management as well. In addition, retail requires excellent customer service skills. Employees must remain positive and friendly while helping customers make purchases and solve problems. Related skills include making customer satisfaction a priority, recommending products, and handling problems as they arise. All of these skills are needed to be successful in property management.

Hard Skills

For example, IT skills come in handy for retail. You may use a management information system to analyze purchasing and other consumer trends, assist with online orders, or use point of sale systems. In property management, you may use IT skills for analyzing what attracts the most renters to your community, handling apartment applications, or managing an online rent collection system. Selling skills come in handy as well. You need to be persuasive when encouraging customers to purchase products so you convert shoppers into loyal customers and achieve sales goals. In property management, you must get to know prospective residents, show how what you have to offer perfectly fits their needs, and point out the benefits of living on the property.

Transferrable Skills

Retail employees often have to work under pressure, collaborate with team members, and take the initiative when solving problems. They must take on much responsibility, manage their time well, and continually find ways to improve processes. The same skills are needed to succeed in property management.

Get Your Foot in the Door of Property Management

If you work in retail and are seeking a career change, set up a time to meet with InterSolutions. We offer full Grace Hill training for a variety of positions in property management.