You Need to Network Even When You Aren’t Looking for a Job

If you have secure employment and enjoy what you do, you may not see a need to network. However, continuing to create and develop professional relationships means you connect with even more influencers. Regularly cultivating your network provides you with even more options for developing your career and reaching your goals.

Expand Your Resources

Members of your network may have connections to hiring managers who can offer you an interview when the time is right to find a new role. Or, if your company is looking to fill a position and you know a qualified candidate, you can refer them to the appropriate staff member. Because associate referrals are the best way to secure employment, odds are the referral will be offered a position. After all, the hiring manager can gain greater insight into a candidate by talking with the referring associate than by reading a cover letter and resume. Either way, you provide additional value to both your network and the company.

Access Insider Information

Building relationships with other professionals in your field lets you uncover information about job openings, gain valuable advice, and learn about industry trends. For example, if you build rapport with hiring managers in your company, you can find out about internal promotions and position yourself to move up. If your company is expanding and you want to relocate, you can apply for a transfer. Talking with other professionals in your industry gives you new ideas to discuss with your team and potentially implement at your company.  Plus, you can ask for advice about a problem you are having at work and gain valuable insight into solving it. Always return the favor when you can.

Increase Your Benefits

Building new relationships and cultivating existing ones keeps you involved with your connections as they develop their careers. Providing support for others typically means they will provide support for you. When you introduce members of your network to others who can help them, they are likely to return the favor.

Network With a Property Management Leader

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