Necessary Skills to Help Your Career as a Property Manager


Your career as a property manager demands a variety of skills. In addition to being an excellent communicator, remaining flexible and exhibiting top customer service, you need an analytical mind, a commitment to getting results, and strong business sense to succeed.


Combining your accounting skills with the proper software lets you perform check runs across multiple banks, import bank files and identify budget variances. You increase productivity while improving your property’s growth potential. Using a budget tool and your skills lets you account for expenses unique to your market, distribute budgets to the appropriate staff, and track projects to completion. You can complete reports with real-time or summary-level information for period or long-term forecasts and import data from multiple sources to ensure your property’s health. Applying your purchasing skills and the proper software lets you improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and create better purchasing habits. You can set up a system of discounts and standardized products to increase control and reduce spending. You can create budget controls and spending limits with electronic invoicing and automated approvals chosen from a pre-approved vendor list. You can track payables and receivables, perform bank reconciliation, file taxes, and perform electronic funds transfers.

Facilities Management

Using your skills and the appropriate software, you efficiently document findings when residents move in and out. You alert your maintenance professionals to work orders to ensure your property continues efficiently operating. You maintain current knowledge of what impact federal, state, and local laws and regulations have on your property. Plus, you stay flexible when situations arise and are able to efficiently and effectively respond.


You need reporting tools to maintain accurate, updated information about the property’s health. Full visibility into business operations provides secure, efficient, stable, reliable transactions. Faster response times reduce volatility. Creating standard and custom reports informs owners and investors on all aspects of the property. An integrated payment solution for rent collection provides quick and secure payments, easily scans checks, processes credit and debit cards, accepts money orders and more. Your software skills also can market the property, bring in new residents, and ensure maintenance tasks are completed.

Enhance Your Skill Set in Property Management

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