This Will Make You Stand Out as a Quiet Personality in a Maintenance Job Interview


If you are a maintenance worker with a quiet personality you may feel uncomfortable during your next job interview. Therefore, you need to tailor your approach to preparing for your interview differently than other job candidates might.

Arrive Early

Show up at least a half hour early for your interview. Plan your route in advance so you know exactly how to get to the office. While in the reception area, try to get a feel for the company’s personality. Gather your thoughts before meeting with the interviewer.  Complete some last-minute research on the company. Remain calm and upbeat. Visualize successfully completing the interview and being offered the role.

Monitor Your Body Language

Because people are programmed to gather more information through their eyes than their ears, you need to show confidence in both your words and body language. Smile and make eye contact with everyone you meet. Keep your shoulders back and hands comfortably at your sides when you walk. During your interview, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor while leaning slightly forward. Remain close enough to the interviewer to communicate while still respecting their space. Keep your hands gently folded in your lap. Subtly match the interviewer’s tone. For example, if they enjoy telling jokes or using gestures, follow suit. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview to show you like the person, enjoy taking on responsibility and are able to relate to others.

Focus on the Beginning and End of the Interview

Because people make decisions about others based on the first few seconds of meeting them and the last few moments of their interactions, pay special attention to preparing for the beginning and end of the interview. Once you establish yourself as friendly, professional and confident, it is hard for the interviewer to think of you in any other way. Have several casual topics ready for making small talk to build rapport. For example, ask the interviewer what their favorite seasonal activity is or whether they know of any hidden gems near the office. Mention your journey to the office or something about your surroundings that impresses you. When finishing the interview, ask a few questions about the job or anything you need further clarification on. When you are done, smile while shaking the interviewer’s hand. Let them know you enjoyed meeting them and appreciate the opportunity to apply for the role. Remain upbeat, positive and engaged during your conversations.

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