A Quick Guide to Improving Your Social Media Profiles for Your Job Search


When searching for your next job, most hiring managers will be looking at your social media profiles. They want to know whether you fit company culture and have the skills and abilities to succeed in a role. Therefore, ensure your social media profiles are as professional as possible. Here’s how.

Complete Your Profile

Ensure your profile is both complete and relevant to the position you want. Include a professional headshot so hiring managers can determine whether you will fit with company culture. Add keywords to increase your search engine optimization (SEO). On LinkedIn, include your complete employment history, education and job-related skills. Quantify specific goals you met and how they added value to a company. Show how your skills and achievements will benefit your next employer. Add media to your job information to increase visual appeal. Provide a link to your work samples to establish credibility. Include a clear link to your email address so hiring managers may contact you.

Maintain Professional Content

Ensure your content is professional and engaging. Remove photos involving consumption of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, and individuals wearing small amounts of clothing. Delete racist, sexist, religious or political comments and jokes. Un-tag yourself from inappropriate content. Fix spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Regularly post content to keep your profiles current. Whenever you start a new role, receive recognition or earn a promotion, let everyone know.

Join Industry-Related Groups

Participate in professional groups related to your field. Connect with other professionals who can provide additional insight into your industry and career. Follow and interact with professionals who have jobs in your field, especially those who interest you the most. Ensure your connections are professional and the majority are in your industry. Show who you are actively involved in your field.

Request Recommendations and Endorsements

Ask your connections for recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn. Your colleagues and managers can show how others view you and point out your biggest strengths. Having positive reviews increases hiring managers’ trust and offering of job interviews.

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