Next-Day Pay? Getting Hired from Your Couch? How Can Technology Play a Role in Getting You a Job?


InterSolutions is a leader in innovation. Because trends show people will not be coming to offices for job interviews in the future, we implemented the latest technology to help our property management employees get hired from their couch and quickly receive payment for their work. Here are the “why and the how” behind the process.

Growing Demand for Property Management Workers

Hiring demand trends for property management over the past five years have tremendously increased. In 2017, an average of 11 property management jobs were posted per property manager hired each month. That is a 655 percent increase from 2012. Also in 2017, an average of five maintenance and repair jobs were posted per maintenance and repair worker hired each month. That is a 401 percent increase from 2012.

Getting Hired from Your Couch

Because of the increased demand for property management workers, InterSolutions makes it possible for you to get hired from your couch. You can use our website, Facebook, email or text message to learn more about our company, have your questions answered, or schedule a job interview. Our quick turnaround time and extended office hours make it convenient for you to set up an interview. You can talk with an interviewer over Skype, Facetime or another virtual platform. If you are hired, you can sit on your couch and review onboarding videos through links sent to your mobile device. You will learn about our company, how to become successful in your job, and how to get ready for your first day of work. You will also receive a list of 2,500 locations where you can file your Form I-9, which is required to verify your identity and allow you to work in the U.S.

Securing Work Through the InterSolutions Mobile App

If you are hired, you can secure work through the InterSolutions mobile app. You can provide your availability, accept job assignments, clock in and out, and approve time sheets from your mobile device. Whether you want a side gig, ongoing contract position, or to get your foot in the door of the property management industry, we offer the training and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Receiving Next-Day Pay

In addition to paid training, InterSolutions will launch a next-day pay program in the coming months. We understand the need for quick payment to cover your expenses. Because InterSolutions cares about our employees’ personal and financial wellbeing, we provide a valuable alternative to taking out an expensive payday loan that costs a large portion of your income. We want to ease our employees’ pain points, especially if they need money while looking for work or transitioning to a new career. We know taking care of our employees is the right thing to do.

Partner with an Innovative Staffing Company

Partner with a property management staffing company that lets you get hired from your couch and paid promptly. Contact InterSolutions today!


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