What Can You Ask for If You Aren’t Sure About the Job Offer?


Being offered a job is an exciting accomplishment. However, there are things you need to consider before deciding whether to accept the offer or continue looking for other opportunities.

Ask for More Time

Promptly acknowledge the job offer with excitement and gratitude, then request more time to consider it. Think about whether you have any additional questions about bonuses, types of insurance, vacation time or frequency of performance reviews. Perhaps you need more information on the retirement plan, training or perks. Determine whether the work hours and commute time fit with your lifestyle and whether you will blend with company culture. Check online for company reviews. Research LinkedIn to see how long employees typically stay with the company. Think about whether you want to further negotiate anything. If you have another job offer pending, let the first company know. Give a specific date for when you will decide whether to accept the position. Formally and respectfully accept or decline the offer both verbally and in writing at the given time.

Request Further Clarification

Speak with the hiring manager about whether your title truly describes your position and whether you have an accurate understanding of the work you will perform. Determine what your short- and long-term goals will be, how success will be measured and how your performance will be evaluated. Uncover professional growth and mentorship opportunities. Research whether the salary is appropriate for your experience level and geographic area. Determine whether the salary works for your budget or is negotiable. Figure out what your benefits package includes and what your perks are. Ensure the hiring manager gives you everything in writing.

Speak to Potential Co-Workers

Ensure you are comfortable with your potential supervisor by requesting a 20-minute meeting. Determine whether the supervisor is someone you can learn from, will give you the tools needed to be successful and will help with your career growth. Request a short meeting with a potential colleague who reports to the same supervisor. Ask how the colleague would describe the supervisor’s management style and what the colleague likes best about working for the supervisor. Determine what company culture is like and whether you can see yourself working there.

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