Getting a Leasing Consultant Up to Speed Results in More Closed Sales


Your leasing consultant plays a vital role in finding and retaining residents for your property. Therefore, you want your consultant to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Follow these guidelines to get your leasing consult up to speed to close more sales.

Provide Marketing Training

Show how to utilize social media, apartment finder websites, listing servers used by real estate professionals, the local visitor’s bureau website and city directories to gain visibility for your property and advertise openings. Teach how to use websites that provide a forum for residents’ property reviews. In addition, train on how to create a virtual tour of the property and add it to your website. Show how to network with other rental and real estate professionals in the area to gain referrals. Teach how to conduct regular open houses to encourage prospects to tour the property and how to place attractive signage in key areas where prospects often drive.   

Teach Proper Phone Etiquette

Because your consultant may answer the phone and provide a prospect’s first interaction with the property, you want to create an excellent first impression. Remind the consultant to remain positive and professional under all circumstances have the consultant to ask the prospect’s name and use it often to create a personal connection. In addition, they should ask insightful questions to determine what the prospect wants and needs and point out how the property fits that description. They should make sure your consultant stays current on which units are available, the square footage of bedrooms, details of the pet policy, and names and locations of nearby stores, restaurants and schools to efficiently answer questions.

Demonstrate How to Conduct Tours

Maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times. Pleasantly greet each prospect and use their name whenever possible. Find out how soon they want to move to better determine the property’s potential openings. Keep in mind that the farther in advance a prospect is looking, the longer they’re likely to stay. Speak as though the prospect will be living on the property. For example, walk through an apartment and show where the couch can go or point out how close public transportation and popular attractions are. Ask the prospect to sign a lease after viewing the property.

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