Google Jobs – Is This Really a Place to Find a Job?


Although you’ve probably heard of Google Jobs, you may be wondering whether to use it to find your next property management position. Since Google Jobs started connecting job seekers and employers in June 2017, many employees have used the site to successfully change employers. Here’s more information about Google Jobs and how you can use it to secure your next role.

How Google Jobs Works

Google Jobs pulls postings from LinkedIn, Monster,, CareerBuilder, Facebook, companies’ websites and more to give you a variety of positions to apply for. Duplicate postings are listed only once, and irrelevant roles are left out. You simply type in the role you want, such as “leasing agent” or “maintenance professional,” and peruse the openings that come up. You can also narrow your search by industry, employment type, skill set, qualifications, location, title, employer or when the posting was added. In addition, when you click for more information about a position, you can view Glassdoor and Indeed ratings for the company before starting the application process directly with the organization. You can turn on notifications to receive an immediate alert when a role that meets your specifications is posted.

How Google Jobs Helps Candidates

Rather than spending hours searching for roles on multiple websites and potentially applying for the same position twice, you save time by visiting one location. Because Google Jobs links you to the most complete posting when finding the same opening on multiple websites, you gain more complete information about the role before deciding whether to apply. Google Jobs filters your search based on the criteria you set, not on the data it gained from your previous searches. Therefore, you won’t be given postings about openings with a veterinarian just because you were recently searching for a place to take your sick pet. Because you can be notified when openings are posted, you can quickly apply for a role and increase your odds of being called for an interview.

How Google Jobs Differs From Job Boards

Google Jobs is enhancing job boards by using its machine learning algorithm to sift through and organize job postings and display your most relevant options. Therefore, you’re making your search more efficient and not missing out on opportunities by using Google Jobs rather than visiting specific websites.

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