Residents Will Serve as Your Brand Ambassadors – Here’s How


As a property management company, you want to turn your residents into brand ambassadors. Individuals trust what residents say about a property more than what the management company says. Also, your residents have extensive networks who may be looking for a place to call home. Therefore, you want to encourage your residents to voluntarily and authentically market your property to everyone they know. Follow these guidelines to encourage your residents to serve as brand ambassadors.

Talk with Residents

Ask your residents to be brand ambassadors. Most residents will enjoy being part of your team, staying loyal to your brand and helping the property prosper. Most residents also will respect and appreciate the fact that you care about them, and will want to remain on the property longer.


Respond to Feedback

Show that you value your residents’ input. For example, ask each resident to complete a survey regarding their satisfaction with the property. Use the information to uncover what residents are thinking, how satisfied they are throughout their residency, what they like best about the property and what needs improvement. Take into account the feedback your residents provide and implement their ideas when possible. Also, give your ambassadors a place to gather online, such as a Google+ Hangout or a Facebook page. In addition, if you receive negative comments, resolve the issue directly with the resident.

Request Referrals

Provide your residents incentives to refer members of their network to your property. For example, residents may receive renewal discounts, gift cards or cash for each referral who signs a lease. Ensure your referral program includes email and social media sharing for maximum effectiveness.

Track and Report Results

Use a system to track and report your brand ambassador data. You can use the information to gain insight into and take action on improving your property. For example, you may integrate your system with your social sharing software to measure your ROI on interactions, measure distribution and engagement levels in real time, and capture, store and track which residents’ referrals sign leases.

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