An Effective Guide to Getting Interviews Thanks to Your Cover Letter in 2018


Including a cover letter with your resume helps you stand out to a hiring manager. Because your letter provides a first impression of you, it should be memorable and explain why your skills and experience make you the most qualified candidate for the position. Follow these guidelines to use your cover letter to get interviews.

Open Strong

Use a strong opening to grab the hiring manager’s attention. For example, begin with a fact about yourself that you think the manager should know. Perhaps you’ve invested the past 10 years working your way up in property management and want to oversee an entire apartment complex, or you have a common connection who referred you to the company. You’ll gain the manager’s interest and encourage them to read on and learn more about you.

Provide New Information

Include information not discussed on your resume. For example, mention your personal values and traits, why you’re eager to have the position, or what achievements set you up for success in the role. Also, if you want to relocate or change industries, explain why you’re using transferrable skills to show you’re a good fit for the position. In addition, bring up your reasons for any gaps in employment, such as taking time off to travel the world or care for an elderly parent. Furthermore, include any additional information the job posting asked for so you can show that you follow directions.

Display Company Knowledge

Highlight your knowledge of the company and why you want to work there. For example, research the organization through its website and social media to determine what you appreciate or admire about the company’s mission and goals. Also, show how you can blend with company culture and help solve challenges the organization is facing.

Focus on the Value You Provide

Give specific examples of how you benefitted previous employers and how you can benefit your next employer. Hiring managers want to know you can make their workload easier. For example, mention a specific way in which your experience can help the company overcome an obstacle it’s facing.

Use Data

Quantify your achievements with data. Hiring managers want to know how your skills and experience can help move the company forward. For example, mention how you increased by 25 percent the number of new leases closed on in a six-month period. Also, highlight how you increased a property’s residency to 95 percent over a 12-month period.

Remain Concise

Keep your cover letter clear and concise. One page with three paragraphs of two or three sentences each are enough. Hiring managers have 30 seconds or less to read your cover letter.


Look over your cover letter at least three times. Correct any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Ask a family member or friend to look over your letter, as well. Hiring managers want to know you check your work and pay attention to detail.

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