Resume Updates Take Time. Start Now to Get It Ready for 2018


Keeping your resume current helps with your job search. Because you’re always gaining new skills and experience, you need to keep track of your accomplishments to show employers the value you can provide them. Follow these guidelines to update your resume and have it ready for 2018.

Change Your Layout

Choose a new layout for your resume. For example, find a contemporary template online and customize it. Also, select a simple font, color palette and visual theme that are in line with your personal brand. In addition, ensure your choices look professional so that hiring managers take you seriously. Furthermore, be sure you include bullets and/or highlighting to break up text and improve your resume’s appearance.

Revise Your Summary

Because you most likely have new career goals, ensure they’re reflected on your resume. For example, if you have an objective statement, change it to a professional summary that provides a comprehensive overview of your career to date. Ensure you include the skills and accomplishments that set you apart from the competition and make you the most qualified candidate for the position. Omit outdated skills and software programs to show you remain current on workplace standards and practices.

Update Your Work History

Ensure you keep your work history current. For example, include your most recent position title, employer’s name, and bulleted list of your top accomplishments. Also, review your previous roles and take off at least one that doesn’t relate to your current goals. In addition, include your work history for no more than the past 15 years.

Enhance Your Education  

Update your education section. For example, add any additional courses you’ve taken, and certifications or degrees you’ve earned. Remove your high school diploma, high school and college GPAs, and courses or certifications that don’t apply to your current role or industry. In addition, unless you graduated from college in the last 12 months, omit your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Keep Your Skills Current

List skills that are relevant to the role you want and the field you work in. For example, mention your proficiency level with specific software applications. Also, highlight your professional activities to show you continue adding to your skill set while staying informed on news and trends in your industry.

Use Keywords

Incorporate keywords used in the job posting. For example, mention the technical knowledge and soft skills needed to excel in the role. You’ll increase the odds of getting your resume past applicant tracking software (ATS) and into a hiring manager’s hands.


Ensure your resume is free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Ask family members and friends to proofread your resume, as well. Because hiring managers are looking for candidates who check their work and pay attention to detail, managers typically won’t call you for an interview if your resume contains mistakes.

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