Utilize Augmented Reality to Showcase Your Apartment Complex


More property management professionals are using augmented reality (AR) to bring to life traditional, flat print materials. Similar to a hologram, AR technology can take a blueprint and create a lifelike, interactive, 3D model of an apartment complex, including any upcoming improvements. You can use AR to market your community. Here are three benefits of utilizing AR to showcase your apartment complex.

Minimize Time Spent Apartment Hunting

Using AR to display your community minimizes the time prospects spend on finding an apartment. Because apartment hunting can be tedious and stressful, prospects want all the help they can get to minimize their time spent finding a home. Also, prospects don’t want to spend seemingly endless hours searching for an apartment and not having any results to show for it. By utilizing AR, prospects gain a clear idea of a unit’s dimensions, flow and possibilities to help decide whether the community is right for them.

Draw Prospects to Your Apartment Community

Utilizing AR draws prospects to your apartment community. Prospects can find the right apartment at the right price, view the property without having to visit it and decide whether it’s a good fit for their needs. Prospects can also modify features of the apartment, such as changing the paint colors or trying out pieces of furniture, to determine whether the unit fits their desires. In addition, prospects increase their confidence in leasing an apartment because they can look at the interior and exterior of the building, rather than simply floor plans, and know exactly what they’ll be getting if they decide to live on the property.

Show the Benefits Your Apartment Community Provides

Using AR helps show prospects the benefits your apartment community provides. This is especially important if your complex is in the process of being built or is located far from where the prospects currently are. AR allows prospects to immerse themselves in the experience of living on your property. Once prospects get a feel for the amenities your property provides, the prospects may decide to take advantage of all you have to offer them.

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