Is Your Elevator Speech Ready?


When talking with individuals, it’s important you have an elevator speech prepared. You’ll be able to discuss your skills and experience in under half a minute while pointing out your greatest selling points. Because you never know when you’ll be meeting a hiring manager or other executive by chance, you need to have your elevator speech ready now.

What an Elevator Speech Is

An elevator speech is a concise, compelling introduction to yourself that can be shared in 15-30 seconds. The speech is best used when introducing yourself during an interview, in a sales pitch or at a networking event. Your goal is to efficiently and effectively communicate who you are and what you do while getting across your most important points.

How to Create Talking Points

Start by numbering a piece of paper from one to ten. Write down the most important pieces of information about yourself, your product/service or your company. For example, talk about your property management role, your goals and achievements, or who your company serves and why. Ensure your information makes you stand out from everyone else. Next, take a pen and cross off redundancies and unnecessary or confusing details. Enhance your remaining information so it’s clear and concise. Then, label five index cards “Who I Am,” “What I Do,” “How I Do It,” “Why I Do It” and “Who I Do It For.” Organize your information so you have two compelling sentences beneath each heading. After that, place the cards in logical order, starting with the most important information you want remembered. Next, practice your speech both alone and in front of an objective person who can provide constructive feedback. When you feel your speech is complete, record yourself reciting it. Ensure you speak slowly in a friendly tone and convey the message you want. Finally, practice your speech with individuals you randomly meet. Modify as needed.

Ensure You Convey Professionalism

For example, speak slowly and clearly. Also, use simple language that anyone can understand. In addition, remain focused on your subject to quickly make your point. Furthermore, have a business card ready to hand to your listener so they can follow up with you later.

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