Why Passive Job Candidates Might Be the Answer to Your Talent Shortage

Like any business, there may be times when your company faces a talent shortage. This may be due to the economy, a lack of proper skill sets or other circumstances beyond your control. Fortunately, you may be able to fill your organization’s needs by hiring passive candidates. Here are six reasons why passive job candidates might be the answer to your talent shortage.

Open to the Right Opportunity

Although passive candidates aren’t looking for new positions, they may be open to learning more about opportunities that interest them. For example, passive candidates are attracted to a stronger work/life balance, opportunities for advancement and earning greater compensation. Offering engaging work with an attractive salary and benefits package can help fill your talent shortage.

Possess the Right Skill Set

Since passive candidates typically spend a long time with one company, they possess the skill set required for a position. This saves your company time and money when training new hires. Onboarding will be required but a lot of the on-job training won’t be as in-depth since they already have the skills you need to hire for.

Offer Less Competition

Because they aren’t interviewing, passive candidates likely won’t be taking advantage of opportunities elsewhere. Active job candidates are typically interviewing with different companies and taking the best opportunity presented. Passive job candidates probably aren’t interviewing with multiple companies, so their attention is focused on their current job and your exciting new opportunity.

Provide Transparency

Passive candidates are transparent with their knowledge, skills and experience level. You’ll likely know which areas candidates excel in and which they need to work on. This helps guide your plans for employee training and development. A passive candidate isn’t necessarily looking for a new job, so they will be honest with their comfort level in the different skills you need for this position. That can lead to a better hire for your company since you aren’t guessing on their abilities.

Lead to Other Passive Candidates

Because passive candidates often associate together, they can refer each other to fill your company’s open roles. Also, since passive candidates tend to network with other professionals in their industry, you can utilize social media to connect with them. You can search LinkedIn groups relevant to your field and skill set, then post messages about job openings to target passive candidates. In addition, you can find passive candidates by participating in networking events. You can take part in professional associations where top performers go to learn, discuss industry issues and network with like-minded professionals.

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