Do You Know the Different Types of Jobs in Apartment Maintenance?

Working in apartment maintenance can be a rewarding career. You oversee the safety of the building and property to ensure residents, guests and staff remain safe and comfortable. Depending on the position, it can be the perfect way to start your career in property management or the next step in advancing your career. Here are three career options you have when working in apartment maintenance.


The position of a porter gains experience in apartment maintenance to set the stage for a successful career in property management. You ensure the apartment building is clean and functioning. You sweep and mop hallways, vacuum carpets, clean rest rooms and order cleaning supplies. You also fix leaky faucets, change light bulbs and perform other minor repairs. In addition, you report substantial problems to management for proper resolution.

You need to respectfully interact with building residents, guests and staff. You must be able to lift heavy cleaning materials and equipment and have the physical stamina to be on your feet all day. In addition, you need mechanical skills for completing basic repairs as well as strong planning and organization skills to inspect, perform and manage minor repairs. Plus, you need to be flexible when completing tasks in order of urgency.

This position allows you to take pride in your daily tasks and know that the impact you are making leads to residents feeling a sense of home when they return from work.

Maintenance Technician

As a maintenance technician, you handle repairs and maintenance for the apartment building, grounds, machinery and equipment. You may work with plumbing, electrical, heating and/or ventilation systems. The work is physically demanding and requires taking safety precautions.

You’ll also repair, replace or install faucets, pipes, hot water tanks, washing machines or other plumbing for residents. You also may repair, replace or install power switches, wall sockets, climate control systems or other electrical devices. In addition, you may repair drywall, paint walls or repair appliances.

These positions are traditionally stronger in the areas of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and appliances. Think of the maintenance technician job as the next step in your property management career.

Maintenance Supervisor

As a maintenance supervisor, you direct the activities of workers who install, repair or maintain the apartment building and property. In addition to having a high school diploma, attending vocational school and gaining experience in your field may be beneficial.

As a maintenance supervisor, you need multiple skills. For example, because you arrange for staff members to complete electrical, plumbing, mechanical, carpentry or landscaping tasks, you need basic mechanical abilities. Also, because you must ensure tasks are safely completed, you must understand safety rules and regulations, assign the right staff to each job and provide proper equipment. In addition, because you’re responsible for reports, inventories, staff performance reviews and work schedules, you need basic clerical skills. Furthermore, because you interact with residents, guests and staff, you need strong interpersonal skills.

This position will jump in on tasks occasionally but the mindset of a maintenance supervisor must change. Instead of focusing on what must be accomplished on this day, the supervisor also considers the long-term focus of the property and how the changing trends of the industry will affect the residence. They also need to manage a wide range of personalities, making interpersonal skills imperative to a successful maintenance supervisor.

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