How Can Technology Manage Your Employees Better?


Although supervisors play a large part in managing your employees, they can’t be everywhere at every time. Supervisors have additional responsibilities to fulfill beyond monitoring team members’ output. Therefore, it’s important you implement another form of employee monitoring. Here are four ways technology can help manage your employees better.

Virtual Connections

Technology helps create connections among teams to increase productivity. Because many employees work remotely, it’s important they stay connected with colleagues, managers and other employees in the organization. Employees can share information to efficiently and effectively finish individual and team projects and reach company goals.

Effective Communication

Managers can set clear, measurable goals for employees to reach business objectives and show how each employee’s contributions add to the bigger picture. Employees typically become more engaged in their work and remain productive when they understand what goals they’re working to reach and how they add to company growth.

Performance Reviews

Managers can provide regular feedback on an employee’s performance for a more accurate description of daily, weekly or monthly activity and results. Managers can also schedule one-on-one meetings and provide ongoing training for employees. In addition, managers can measure an employee’s progress toward overcoming obstacles and achieving company goals as well give employees constructive feedback to increase work engagement and improve performance. Plus, managers can clearly communicate company goals to employees so they understand their expectations and take steps toward successfully fulfilling them.


Managers can use online performance evaluations to compare an employee’s current skills with those needed for recognition, reward or advancement, then coach the employee to reach their goal. Also, managers can use performance evaluations to determine whether an employee may be more engaged and productive working in another department. If a performance evaluation shows problems in specific areas, managers can use the information to determine why the issue is occurring and whether additional training may be beneficial.

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