Millennials Bring a Renewed Energy to Your Property Management Company


Millennials are set to take over the majority of the workforce in the near future. As owner of a property management company, it’s important you find ways to recruit and retain workers from this generation. Here are eight ways millennials bring a renewed energy to your property management company.

Target Audience

Because a majority of millennials are renters, they know what amenities others from their generation are looking for and can point out how your property fills those needs and wants.


Because property management employees typically have a varied work schedule, millennials are attracted to the industry. Similarly, members of the generation tend to be more flexible when learning new skills or adapting to change.


They want to contribute to a company and learn from other employees in any way they can. Millennials also want to know how their roles impact the rest of the organization so they can better understand how they help carry out your company’s mission and goals.

Professional Growth

Millennials enjoy the journey they take as they move up in their company. They tend to remain engaged in their work as they learn new skills, grow in leadership and earn promotions.

Financial Responsibility

Since many are finishing college with debt and/or having difficulty finding jobs, millennials tend to save more money than they spend. Therefore, they may be more conscientious when staying within your company’s budget, paying bills on time and looking for ways to save more money than other employees would.


Millennials want to know whether they’re performing their tasks well and how they can improve. Welcoming feedback helps managers shape employees’ behavior to make your company more productive and improve your bottom line.


Because millennials grew up using technology, they’re extremely knowledgeable about utilizing it to advance your property management company. For example, because millennials are well-versed in the advances of social media, they possess the necessary skills for marketing and engaging your company’s followers. Also, because of millennials’ heavy reliance on the internet for information, they’re very comfortable researching thorough answers to questions. Since millennials are very social, they’re perfect candidates for branding and marketing your company and providing excellent customer service for residents. Furthermore, millennials are excellent at learning new property management software and teaching others how to use it.


Millennials want the freedom to pursue their ideas, be challenged and contribute to teams. Therefore, millennials welcome the opportunity to work with your company’s leaders to implement new ideas for marketing properties, improving operations and increasing your bottom line.

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