How to Prepare for a Video Interview vs. an In-Person Interview

Preparing for an interview takes time and effort. Although you may be used to in-person interviews, more companies are now conducting video interviews. Therefore, you may need to take additional steps to get ready for your big day. Follow these guidelines when preparing for either an in-person or video interview.

Research the Company

For example, learn all you can about the organization’s employees, culture, products/services, competitors, recent press releases and current industry news. Also, study the job description so you can provide examples of how you fulfilled similar requirements for previous employers and why the position interests you. In addition, use LinkedIn to discover background information on your interviewers and top company executives so you can find common interests to form immediate connections.

Dress Appropriately

Whether conducting a video or in-person interview, dress appropriately for the role you want. If you’re able, visit the company and observe what employees in your department are wearing, then dress one level up from that. Ensure your hair and nails are groomed and look professional. Keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum. If you have a video interview, wear a solid, soft-colored shirt. White or extremely bright colors or patterns are typically distracting, whereas black can make your face look washed out. If possible, wear contacts rather than glasses to avoid a glare.

Conduct Mock Interviews

Ask a family member or friend to conduct mock interviews. Use the same style of interview, video or in-person, as you will on your big day. Practice crafting appropriate answers to potential questions. Show how your skills and experience make you the most qualified candidate for the position. Remember that the more you practice, the better you become.

Check Your Technology

Test your webcam and microphone two days before your video interview so you know they work. Also, test the video technology you’ll be using during the interview to ensure it’s correctly installed and the password works. Keep your camera at eye level so you look directly into it when speaking. Check that your audio and video are clearly received so your interviewer can see and understand you. Because every sound will be picked up by the microphone, avoid tapping your pen or shuffling paper.

Stage Your Scene

The room should appear neat and attractive with no visual or auditory distractions such as people, pets, television or ringing telephones. The best place to be is in a home office, bedroom or other room with a door. Place a light behind your computer to illuminate your face. Make sure there are no shadows. Lightly powder your face so it’s not shiny. Sit up straight. Avoid making many hand gestures, which may create a disjointed picture.

Work With a Leader in Property Management Staffing

Follow these guidelines to prepare for your next video or in-person interview. If you’re looking for a job in property management, reach out to InterSolutions today!


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