What Is the Career Outlook for an Apartment Leasing Consultant?

Working as an apartment leasing consultant involves finding qualified residents for available units. You’re responsible for understanding potential residents’ needs and wants and showing how living on the property can fill them. Because it’s your job to keep the property as close as possible to full occupancy, there are many skills and requirements needed for working as an apartment leasing consultant.


Organization skills are essential for setting appointments, conducting tours, answering questions, following up and closing on leases. Strong sales skills are needed for pointing out the benefits of a property, showing how property features fill residents’ needs and convincing potential residents to live there. In addition, clear communication skills are necessary for negotiating lease agreements. Furthermore, excellent customer service skills are vital for resolving resident issues.


Although some property management agencies require only a high school diploma or GED, many agencies require, or prefer candidates, with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Degrees in finance, real estate or business administration may be acceptable for candidates with little or no experience working in property management. Completed formal training programs in real estate or business administration are also favorably looked upon.


In some states, apartment leasing consultants need to have a realtor’s license. Leasing agents working in federal subsidized housing must carry a realtor’s license. Check your state’s requirements before applying for leasing positions.


Prior experience in property management, real estate sales or management is beneficial but not always required. Demonstrating transferable skills from working in retail, sales or other professions may help candidates show they can be successful as an apartment leasing consultant.


Completing a National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) course through a local college or apartment association or online through the National Apartment Association (NAA) website will help you learn about conducting a leasing interview; rental policies and procedures; being a successful leaser; and legal aspects of leasing. Upon completing the program and passing the NALP exam, you become certified as an apartment leasing professional. You must annually renew your NALP certification by paying a fee and completing the required number of continuing education credits. At InterSolutions, we provide complete Fair-Housing certification for all of our associates – a huge advantage to starting your career.

Work With Leaders in Property Management Staffing

If you’re looking for a career as an apartment leasing consultant, you may want to partner with specialists in property management staffing. Get in touch with InterSolutions today – property management staffing is all we do!



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