What Are the Best Tactics to Manage Your Apartment Staff?


Managing your property management team can be challenging. You may not be in contact with them enough to stay current on daily operations. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to increase your satisfaction with employee performance. Follow these tactics to manage your property management staff.

Share What You Want Company Culture to Be

Convey to your managers what beliefs, values, attitudes, and standards you want your company to have. Staff members should know how their roles impact the success of your company so they continue improving their performance. Staff also should embrace ongoing training to improve their skill sets and continually reach company goals. In addition, staff need to exhibit a positive attitude at all times to maintain a comfortable environment. Furthermore, managers need to lead by example so that others follow.

Ensure Staff Understands Company Strategy

Start by giving a clear explanation of why you’re passionate about the Apartment Community. Show how you solve problems and meet needs for current and potential residents. Define who your ideal residents are so you can invest more time and money attracting and retaining them. Identify major issues with managing your property and discuss ways you can overcome them. Clarify specific objectives for the next three, six, nine and 12 months and how you’ll measure success in attaining those objectives. Be sure to state how staff will be rewarded for their efforts.

Ensure Managers Hire for Specific Qualities

Make sure your managers hire based on the qualities needed for your company to succeed. For example, staff members require excellent communication skills to efficiently meet residents’ and co-workers’ needs. Staff may also build relationships with repair companies, suppliers and other vendors to save time and money resolving maintenance issues. Employees must welcome feedback to improve their performance and be held accountable for their actions. Your staff should be open to ongoing learning to add to their skill sets and become even more valuable assets to your organization.

Partner With a Leader in Property Management Staffing

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