Which Industry Translates to a Great Property Management Career?

If you work in retail and are seeking a career change, property management may be your answer. Because there are many similar responsibilities in both retail and property management, you already have the skills necessary for a transition. Here are a few ways a career in retail can lead to a career in property management.

Interact With Different Personalities

As with retail, property management involves interacting with different personalities. With any property management position, you need strong organization, communication, negotiation and customer service skills to excel. For example, you must respectfully interact with residents during the entire screening, move-in, residency and move-out process. This includes being easily accessible, answering questions and efficiently meeting needs. You also have to effectively resolve maintenance issues to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions. Residents will trust both you and the company and remain on the property longer. In addition, you must handle issues in order of importance to resolve the most time-sensitive problems and avoid problems in the future. Regardless of the situation, you need to remain calm, patient and professional while encouraging residents to do the same.

Assist With Making Appropriate Decisions

In property management, you can educate potential residents on what they should be looking for in a home, what your property’s features and benefits are, points of interest in the surrounding community and other information needed to help potential residents decide whether to live on the property. You get to know each potential resident, uncover what’s most important to them in a new home and point out how an available unit will fit their wants and needs. You can also overcome objections by asking questions to gain more information until you find a way to resolve an issue. If the potential residents decide to look elsewhere, thank them for their time. If they decide to sign a lease, thank them for deciding to live on the property. Let residents know you’re always available to help out.

Manage Various Personalities and Projects

You need to learn the best way to connect with each resident, team member and manager. This includes knowing when to give people space, listening to what they’re saying and developing flexible boundaries for establishing trust and collaboration. You also have to monitor your body language, tone of voice and choice of words when directing others. Maintaining a respectful attitude encourages workers to carry out tasks as requested. In addition, focus on continually training your team members so they learn new skills and become even more valuable assets for the company. Collaborating as a team improves resident and employee retention and makes you a more valuable team member.

Partner With a Top Staffing Agency in Property Management

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