What Behaviors Lead to a Recruiter Calling You?

As a property management professional, you want to be noticed for your work. This is especially true if you’d like help searching for a new position. Although this can be challenging, there are steps you can take to grab a recruiter’s attention. Engage in these behaviors to encourage a recruiter to call you.

Consistently Post Online      

Ensure your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media profiles are updated with your skills, experience, and ways you may benefit a company. A recruiter will use this information to decide whether you may be suitable for an open role. Blog weekly to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Leave comments in online articles and other professional blog posts as well. You’ll gain visibility and connect with others in your field of interest. Recruiters will notice your strong writing skills and insight into your industry. In addition, create an infographic so you stand out from the competition. Make a short video showing your personality, or create your own landing page showcasing your interests, skills and work experience. Showing your creativity and talent will grab a recruiter’s attention.

Continue Updating Your Training

Participating in seminars, conferences, classes, and other opportunities shows you enjoy learning, easily adapt to a company’s changing needs, and stay current in your industry. You appear highly motivated, engaged, and conscientious about your professional development. Your flexibility shows you believe in continually improving yourself and the organization you’re with. All of these qualities are attractive to recruiters.

Show You Add Value to a Company  

Quantify how you saved a co-worker or manager time so they could complete other tasks, or how you streamlined a process that saved the company money. Point out how you can offer similar benefits for other employers. Mention any awards, honors and recognition you’ve received as a result of your professional experience. This shows you’re dedicated to your work and are rewarded accordingly. In addition, ask co-workers and managers to recommend you on LinkedIn. Having professional recommendations shows recruiters you’re a respected and valuable employee.

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