Where Are They Now – Priscilla Baidu

Name: Priscilla Baidu

History with InterSolutions: Concierge

Where Are You Now: Assistant Property Manager

Why Should Someone Work for InterSolutions: “InterSolutions is a great teaching tool and a wonderful stepping stone for any career in customer service and property management. InterSolutions readies employees to handle all positions and fields of property management. The company trains employees on how to properly offer great customer service and handle different situations. InterSolutions is not just a temp agency but rather a gateway into the property management industry. As long as you are willing to learn and succeed they have the tools and connections to get you far. Pay attention and humble yourself, and you will be amazed how much they teach you.”

Do You Have Any Advice for Someone That Works For or Is Considering Working for InterSolutions: “InterSolutions is a great company. They provide great training for their employees and the hours are flexible. Working in the fields with InterSolutions provides you an opportunity to work with different management companies and different types of customer services. Although moving from assignment to assignment might seem tedious at times, if you work diligently you will make great connections. My advice to anyone working with InterSolutions is to remember that the property management industry is small. If you learn and work the way InterSolutions trains you to, you will make your mark in a great way. However if you carry yourself poorly, you will also make your mark in the worse way. You want to make sure to leave a good impression at every property.”

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