The Best Way to Handle Gaps in Your Resume


Like many people, you may have gaps in your employment history. Whether you willingly left the workforce or had to go for reasons beyond your control, your gaps may cause concern for employers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to downplay your time between jobs. Here are some tips for handling gaps in your resume.

Create a Functional Resume

Rather than focusing on your chronological work history, emphasize your skills and experience. Start with your contact information at the top of your resume.  Summarize your skills that apply to the open position. Organize your resume by themes such as “Customer Service Experience” or other skills or qualifications required for the role. Highlight relevant projects related to the position. Include a reverse chronological list of your work history at the bottom of your resume. Mention only the years worked for a company, not the months and years of employment. Include your educational history as well.

Discuss Employment Gaps During Your Interview

Discuss in a positive manner how, when and why a gap arose. For example, you may have chosen to start a family, take care of an elderly parent or travel the world. Perhaps you were downsized or let go for having a disagreement with your boss. In any case, be honest about what happened. If you addressed and solved an issue, be sure you convey that to your interviewer to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and persistence in overcoming obstacles. Also, point out that having the issue resolved means it won’t interfere with your productivity at work. If you were laid off, give examples of how you were in good standing at the time and have many skills to offer an employer. If your employment was terminated, show that the reasons why won’t impact future work performance. Point out what you learned from the experience and how it positively impacted your worth ethic.

Emphasize Skills Gained

For example, you may have gone back to school and earned a certification or degree in your field. You might have taken on freelance assignments and pursued a new area of interest. Perhaps you volunteered with your favorite nonprofit organization and helped with fundraising. All of these examples display marketable skills such as adapting to new situations and persuasively communicating with others.

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