How to Help Your Employees with Work-Life Balance


For most employees, achieving a work-life balance is challenging. They want to impress their employer with their dedication, yet they often end up tired and unproductive. Therefore, as an employer, it’s in your best interest to do what you can to assist. Here are a few suggestions for helping your employees achieve a work-life balance.

Define Work Expectations for Off Hours

Define whether you want employees engaging in work-related phone calls, texts, emails or other communication. Keep in mind that employees who aren’t allowed to disengage are proven to be less productive. Even if there isn’t a phone call, text or email to respond to, having to be available 24-7 and constantly anticipate some form of communication causes employees chronic stress and emotional exhaustion. Therefore, you should let employees disengage during their off hours so they come back refreshed.

Plan Surprise Appreciation Events  

You may set up a sundae bar, place a weekly treat in the break room or have a pizza party. You might buy everyone lunch, bring in a masseuse or provide happy hour at the office. Surprise appreciation events help your employees relax, have fun and disengage.

Explain Benefits of a Work-Life Balance  

Well-rested workers are more engaged in their work, feel greater job satisfaction, and are more productive. Also, balanced employees have a more positive outlook on life, experience less stress and make better choices to help the company move forward. In addition, employees with a healthy work-life balance remain with the company longer, saving time and money on hiring and training new workers.

Lead by Example

Ensure employees at all levels, especially managers and executives, demonstrate a work-life balance. For example, managers should provide team members with clear direction on company priorities so employees focus on completing highest-value tasks first. Also, managers need to consistently implement policies and procedures that fairly and equitably distribute workloads. In addition, employees should be given access to support from co-workers in other departments to encourage teamwork and coping with work demands. Furthermore, strong training and development programs that promote empowerment, along with necessary resources such as tools and technology, need to be implemented so employees gain the skills and authority they need to make decisions that benefit the organization.

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