What Can You Do in a Group Interview to Win Over the Crowd?


At some point in your career, you may be faced with a group interview. You’ll meet with multiple interviewers at one time to speed up the hiring process. Because a group interview is a little different than a one-on-one interview, you’ll need to take additional steps to show you’re the best candidate for the position. Follow these guidelines to win over the crowd in a group interview.

Arrive Prepared

Prepare as you would for a typical interview with a few additions. Call the company and ask the names of the interviewers. Research them online through LinkedIn and Google. Take notes on each interviewer’s role within the organization and top accomplishments. Knowing each interviewer’s background will help you relate to them on a more personal level. Also, study the job description and requirements so you can tailor your answers to potential questions. In addition, prepare meaningful questions for each interviewer so you can gain insight into both them and the company and decide whether the position is right for you. Be sure you bring copies of your resume for each interviewer.

Take Your Time Answering Questions

Although the interviewers may rapidly throw questions at you, take time to think about your answers. Speak slowly and clearly. Keep your responses focused and concise. Interact with all interviewers. Show why your personality and work style will help you blend with company culture. Demonstrate how your skills and experience will help you fulfill the job requirements. Ask each interviewer specific questions that show your interest in the role. Thank each interviewer when the interview is finished.

Monitor Your Body Language

Smile and make eye contact with each interviewer while being introduced and shaking hands. Sit up straight. Lean forward a bit. Keep your head straight or slightly tilted to one side. Gently fold your hands in your lap. Cross your feet at the ankles or place your feet flat on the floor. When answering questions, address your responses to both the individual and the group. Shift your shoulders so you’re facing the interviewer you’re addressing. Make eye contact. Speak in a clear, controlled manner. Vary your tone and pitch. Smile and nod when appropriate.

Be Yourself

The interviewers want to know who they may be hiring and whether you’ll fit in with the organization. If you behave differently than you normally would, you won’t be able to keep up the front very long. Remain open and honest when answering questions. Speak intelligently about your main strengths and accomplishments and how you may add value to the organization.

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