Property Management Is a Small Industry – 3 Tips to Network Successfully


Because property management is a small industry, it’s important to network. You’ll increase your knowledge of the industry and quickly facilitate your career development. Follow these tips to successfully network in the property management industry.

Avoid Burning Bridges

Don’t burn bridges when leaving employers. You may want to return to the company in a different role down the road. Also, former employers may ask you to come back because of all the benefits you provided them. In addition, you may want to use former employers as references when seeking a new position. Previous managers can attest to your strong work ethic and give specific examples of how you helped move the company forward. Furthermore, your former employer may recommend you to a colleague looking for someone with your skills and experience to fill a vacancy in their organization.

After you have another job lined up, give your manager two weeks’ notice so they can hire someone new. Talk privately and honestly with your manager about your reasons for leaving. Show you’ll do what you can to make the transition as smooth as possible. Find out how your manager wants to let the rest of the organization know you’re leaving. Remain professional for the rest of your time with the company.

Attend Professional Events

As a leading property management staffing agency, we can confirm that participating in property management conferences, workshops and other professional events helps build your reputation in the industry. For example, you’ll add to your skill set and become even more marketable for employers. You’ll also meet other experts and influencers in the industry who can share their ideas for advancing your career. In addition, you’ll discover the latest tools and software for more effectively completing property management tasks. Furthermore, you’ll be exposed to the latest news and trends in property management and be able to ask questions and learn more in-depth information. You’ll return with new ideas and approaches to improve your effectiveness at work.

Be Yourself

When participating in professional events, avoid marketing your brand and just be yourself. Introduce yourself and shake hands with at least five people. Ask questions so you get to know each on a personal level. Find commonalities and capitalize on them. Listen attentively so each person remembers you showed an interest in them and made them feel important. Ensure you exchange business cards and agree to follow up later.

After the event, take notes on the individuals you met and information you learned. Follow up within 72 hours with information or a connection that may be of interest to each individual. Cultivate the relationship and see what opportunities develop.

Work With a Leader in Property Management Staffing

Follow these tips to successfully network in property management. If you’re looking for a new position, contact the property management recruiters at InterSolutions!


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  1. I think this is true regardless of your industry or career level. I would only add that networking outside of your vertical with other professions in the real estate industry is crucial to success. As a broker, I feel we too often ignore the wealth of information that property managers can provide, and vice versa.

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