Are You Proud of Your Online Profile?


Most hiring managers and recruiters use Google to find information about potential job candidates. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to uncover what’s being said about you online and ensure it’s accurate. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re proud of your online profile.

Google Your Name

What comes up when you Google your name? Take a few minutes to run a search with quotation marks around your name. If you don’t receive many results, search your name plus modifiers such as your city or state, school or company. Also, go to Google’s Image Search to find pictures of yourself. Chances are you pulled up other individuals who share your name along with information/websites you don’t want people accessing.

Clean Up Your Google Results

Fortunately, you can clean up your Google results. For example, you may decide to add your middle initial to differentiate yourself from others with the same name. Use your middle initial in as many places as possible to increase your odds of being noticed. Also, you may decide to purchase the domain associated with your name and set up your own website. You may direct hiring managers and other individuals to your website so they receive accurate information. In addition, you may use Google Profiles to control how you appear when individuals Google your name. You can create your own profile and point individuals to websites with relevant information about you.

Hide Undesirable Information

There are ways of hiding undesirable online information. For example, if personal information such as your Amazon wishlist shows up when someone Googles you, simply use a pseudonym as the name on your account. If something is outdated on a website, contact the website administrator and ask to have the information updated or removed. In addition, create new content about yourself that will push less desirable information farther down in search engines, where it’s less likely to be noticed.

See What Appears in Your Social Media Profiles

Be aware of what information and photos show up in your social media profiles. Because employers and colleagues may be viewing your information, make sure your profiles remain professional and updated. Avoid errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation, as they show you don’t pay attention to detail. Also, follow appropriate etiquette for using social media so you’re viewed as more likely to demonstrate appropriate etiquette in the workplace. Furthermore, ensure you stand out from everyone else and encourage employers to learn more about you. Maintain a large network of professional individuals and groups you’re active with. Show employers what you have to offer that may benefit them.

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