The Importance of Body Language in Marketing a Property


Body language plays a vital part in marketing a property. The subtle signals you give potential residents help them decide whether or not to lease from you. Follow these guidelines for displaying proper body language when marketing your next property.

Showing Confidence Closes More Leases

Because showing confidence encourages people to like and trust you, you end up leasing more properties. For example, before meeting with potential residents, go somewhere private and strike a high-power pose. Form open, expansive postures with your legs apart and hands on your hips. You’ll experience increased feelings of power and risk tolerance. When you approach a potential resident, have an open, neutral position that shows your hands. Smile, hold eye contact and shake hands while introducing yourself. During your conversation, stand with your legs apart and your head level. When speaking, use gestures to emphasize a point.

People Instantly Make Judgments

Since people make instant judgments about individuals, use body language to get potential residents on your side as quickly as possible. Pay attention to how your gestures, facial expressions and posture influence how potential residents make decisions about the property. For example, if your gestures are clumsy, you fidget while speaking or don’t maintain eye contact, you won’t be judged as confident or competent and will lease fewer units. Conversely, if your gestures flow with your words, you move naturally when speaking and maintain eye contact, you’ll be judged as knowledgeable and trustworthy and will lease more units.

Mirroring People Encourages Them to Like You

When you mirror another person’s actions, they relate to you better and trust you more. For example, when you’re speaking with or listening to a potential resident, smile while keeping your head toward them. This shows you’re interested in what’s being said and encourages the potential resident to mirror your behavior. Put your hands in a similar position, and stand how the individual is standing. They’ll be more comfortable and agreeable with what you say. You’ll create a positive impression and encourage the individual to become a resident.

Improving Your Body Language Increases Business

By monitoring and improving your body language, you’ll close more leases. To maintain proper body language, keep your back relatively straight and shoulders relaxed. Align your body with the potential residents. Keep your legs slightly apart. Greet the individual with a firm handshake. Lean in a little while mirroring their body language. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides so you appear open to communication. Maintain eye contact. Nod your head, gesture with your hands and laugh when appropriate. Keep your voice low and speak slowly. End the meeting with a firm handshake and commitment to be in touch soon.

Work With a Leader in Property Management Staffing

Follow these tips to improve your body language while marketing a property. If you’re looking for a property management position, get in touch with InterSolutions!

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