What Should You Expect From Your Apartment Staffing Provider?


While every Staffing Provider is different and sure to have their individual pros and cons, there are some services that are just too important and shouldn’t be going overlooked.

This is an industry that demands being thorough. Staffing an Apartment Community presents unique challenges.  While the demand to get someone to cover a shift is important, the vetting, training, liability and coaching of sending someone to your asset needs to be treated with the care and attention it deserves.

Is your agency cutting corners?  If you don’t ask your Apartment Staffing Provider the following questions, who will?

Screening – Is your staffing agency doing more than just a national background check?

The Associates at your Community have access to confidential information regarding your residents, their loved ones, and access privileges to your community’s assets. First, there is no such thing as a true national background check. These services are run by private companies that must create and maintain their own databases by purchasing records from courts and corrections departments.

These “national databases” usually have information from less than half of the counties in the US, and since it is up to each individual company to maintain their records, the information these databases contain can vary greatly. Some include only felonies, some only have data from certain states, and others don’t even include crime details.

A proper background screening service will go directly to the courts for the information.

Each and every InterSolutions Associate is rigorously background-checked down to the county level. They are then E-Verified to assure they are authorized to work in the US, interviewed face-to-face, and forced to complete all employment paperwork prior to their first day on the job.

We are so thorough because the safety of your residents, your building, and your community is worth our time.

Training – Does your staffing agency invest in their employees?

All InterSolutions Associates receive Grace Hill training and are Fair Housing certified before they are put to work.  Fair Housing is the most complex, serious, and costly issue for the rental industry.  A majority of Fair Housing cases come from in-place residents so it is important that every employee at your community understands their responsibilities.

By tailoring our training program to meet the individual’s experience level and desired position, we ensure that each associate is ready to hit the ground running and is put into the best possible scenario to succeed.

Providing employees with the proper means to advance and better themselves is one of the best ways to strengthen an organization. A company is just a sum of its parts, and by increasing the skill level of each individual, it increases the skill level of the company as a whole.

We strongly believe that proper training plays an integral part in creating a successful work environment and that’s why we provide all of our Associates with paid training.

Reduced Exposure – Is your staffing agency the vendor of least resistance?

Let’s take you through two scenarios.  Company A wants your business so bad that it will do and sign anything to get it.  They may not have much behind it other than the owner, a recruiter, and a payroll administrator.  Company A may be quick to respond when you place the order, but isn’t very thorough at vetting its candidates and isn’t so quick to respond when questions or the unexpected arise because Company A doesn’t have the infrastructure to do more than the very basics.  So, if you find Company A signing your paperwork with no questions asked, you may have just found the vendor of least resistance.  Don’t be so sure that’s a good thing.

Company B (InterSolutions!) wants your business just as much, but recognizes that at every stage of our relationship with you, we need a process in place to ensure the highest quality of output to you.  InterSolutions has been in business for 20 years.  We have a Sales team, Recruiting team, a Payroll team, a Human Resources team, a Risk (Insurance) and Safety team, Legal team, Finance team, and other back office infrastructure to be sure we fulfill our responsibility to you and our employees.   These teams are not only responsible for getting it done right, but are also available to our client community as a resource to assist with questions and the unexpected.  We are careful every step of the way.

So, if you find InterSolutions carefully reviewing your paperwork and asking questions or requesting some edits, we hope you realize that you’ve just happened upon the start of a relationship with an organization focused on quality and one that wants the best for its clients, its employees and itself.

Quality Control – Has your staffing agency been looking into the quality of their service?

The world is constantly changing.

Just because something worked great five years ago does not mean it still holds the same value today. A company that is not willing to change is not a company that you want to be involved with.

At InterSolutions, we are never satisfied. We are constantly looking to improve as a company by seeking feedback from our Associates, as well as our customers, which is why we make in-person visits to all of our customers in the markets we serve.  Our team of quality control experts review opportunities with your team to improve our service and seek feedback regarding our Associate. We value your team’s responses and coach our Associate so they have an opportunity to excel in the apartment industry.

Our Associates don’t just work for you; they work with you to create the best environment for you and your residents. We may be the experts in Apartment Staffing, but you’re the experts in your own Apartment Community.

If you have any issues, our call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your apartment community staffed with experienced professionals at a moment’s notice. Our call center also provides unlimited support to our on-assignment Associates so that we can immediately address any needs that arise.

While each Apartment Staffing Provider has different benefits to offer, it is your responsibility to make sure you and your residents are getting the service you deserve. An Apartment Community isn’t just a place of business, it is a place where people live and grow.

Rest assured that InterSolutions doesn’t cut corners.  We don’t run with scissors.  We don’t even use scissors.

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