How Important Is Quality Control in Property Management Staffing?


When deciding whether to hire an agency to fill a temporary position with your property, your staffing company should have quality control as its top priority. Ensuring the safety of the property and wellbeing of its residents means increasing the training of employees who work there. Here are some ways a top property management staffing agency uses quality control standards to make sure their associates are trained and ready to hit the ground running at their next apartment community.

Property Management Training

A quality staffing agency will be committed to compliance, customer support, and providing training to their associates.  Candidates should be screened and matched for the client’s specific assignment and industry-trained prior to their first day on the job.  Does your agency provide Grace Hill training or Fair Housing certification to their associates?  Does your new hire have experience working in an apartment community?  Once your associate is hired, be sure that your agency has a system in place to provide support to their on-assignment employees so that needs can be addressed as they arise. What you want to avoid is hiring an associate who won’t continue to receive continuing education on the latest trends in the property management industry. Having a partnership with a staffing agency that continues to care for its associates is vital to the long-term success of your property.

Apartment Community Visits

A quality staffing agency will send an employee out to your site for a quality control visit. Is their associate meeting your expectations?  Are you interested in hiring them for a full-time position?  Having a member of their team take the time to review performance with you and resolve any potential issues is invaluable.  Look for a staffing partner with the ability to use good judgement to solve issues and provide ongoing guidance and support to reduce exposure. This relationship continues to develop over time and neither side might hit the mark on the first attempt. Did you explain what characteristics are successful in your organization to the agency? Did the agency not totally understand the culture you want to hire for? The first attempt might be perfect but it may take some trial-and-error to find the right match. The key to the relationship comes in both sides wanting to make it work since the agency and your property have a lot to gain.

Work with a Leader in Property Management Staffing

To ensure our workers are ready to hit the ground running for you, we put quality control at the top of our priority list when screening and training candidates. For help filling your next property management position, reach out to the property management recruiters at InterSolutions today!

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