How Does Your Resume Get to the Top of the Pile for the Property Management Industry Job?

There’s heavy competition for property management industry jobs.  So, how do you make sure your resume stands out from all the rest? Follow these tips for ensuring your resume gets noticed when securing your next property management position.

Show Quantitative Results

Because potential employers want to see exactly how you helped other companies achieve their goals, it’s important you quantify your accomplishments. Employers are always looking for ways to save money, so think about how you helped a company save, earn, or manage money. An example is, “Increased number of rental agreements by 20 percent in the first three months.” Businesses also want employees that complete tasks more efficiently so consider ways you helped previous employers save time. For example, “Created system that reduced onboarding time by 15 percent.” You should mention how much or how many of something you’ve created or overseen. For example, “trained twelve staff members in a six-month period.” By using numbers, you set yourself apart from other candidates and show potential employers why you’re a perfect fit for their company.

Highlight Your Skills

Highlight skills that are most pertinent to the position. Using the job description, determine what the employer’s biggest needs are and how you can fill them. Imagine yourself working for the company and then think about how your current responsibilities blend with your previous experience. List specific duties you performed and results you achieved. Use power words such as “created,” “developed,” or “fulfilled” when describing your responsibilities.

Format Professionally

Make sure your resume is simple, modern, neat, and easily followed. You want to highlight the information potential employers want to see so they can scan your resume and follow up with an interview. For example, if you have experience in the property management industry, you’ll want to bring focus to it by creating a reverse chronological resume. List your most current experience first, including your responsibilities and accomplishments, and work your way backward. Finish by listing your education and additional skills. If you have little or no experience in property management or gaps in employment, you’ll want to form a functional resume. Focus on your marketable skills more than your employment history. After listing your skills and achievements, give a short list of company names, positions held, employment dates, and locations. Finish with your education and academic achievements.


Proofreading your resume shows you pay attention to detail and may help secure an interview. Print out your resume and read it over. People read paper differently than screens so, you’ll be more likely to spot errors. Also, read your resume out loud. Your ears should catch mistakes that your eyes may miss. Try reading your resume backwards. You’ll be forced to think about what you’re saying and examine your letters to make sure your words flow and are spelled correctly.

Work with a Leader in Property Management Staffing

Follow these guidelines to get your resume to the top of the pile. To secure your next property management position, reach out to the property management staffing experts at InterSolutions today!


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