Make Networking Enjoyable in 2017 with These Tips

If you’re like most people, you know networking is important, but you don’t enjoy the process. However, networking may mean the difference between staying in the position you’re at and moving into the role you desire. Therefore, it’s important you learn to embrace networking and use it wisely. Here are some tips on making networking a more enjoyable process.

Have a Plan  

Having a plan means you set your networking goals and keep track of accomplishing them. Start by knowing what type of role you want, which professional organizations correspond to your goals, and who in your personal network may help you reach your goals. Join a professional association in the property management industry or the industry you’re looking to grow in. Reconnect with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in your field either in person or through a phone call, email, LinkedIn or other social media.  Focus on each person’s background, position, interests, and values when talking with them. Find out who they know that may be able to help you grow your career. Thank everyone who helps you achieve your goals.

Practice Everywhere

Use your networking skills wherever you go so you get plenty of practice honing them. Talk with people at parties, meetings, the grocery store, and everywhere else. Help people out whenever possible. For example, if your neighbor’s going on vacation, recommend a dog sitter you like. Share your ideas so others share their ideas with you. Let people into your world so they let you into theirs. By providing value to others, they’ll want to provide value to you.

Follow Up

After listening attentively to what someone else is saying, make plans to follow up with the person. For example, if you say you’ll give them a copy of an article you discussed, follow through on your commitment within a week. If you offer someone a phone number, provide it within two days. Even if you made no set plans to follow up, find a way to do so. You may ask them to lunch, email an article about a topic that interests them or send them holiday cards. You’ll stay visible and on their mind, especially when a position opens up that they know you’d be interested in.

Make networking enjoyable by following these tips. For help finding your next property management position, contact the property management staffing experts at InterSolutions today!


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