Poor Networking Starts With This One Thing

Networking with the mindset of getting only what you want will result in people being uninterested in helping you. Therefore, you need to network with the mindset of giving to others so they are willing to give to you. Follow these guidelines to focus on others for greater networking success. Foster Relationships Find common ground […]

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How Is HR Technology Going to Affect Your Property Management Career Search?

When finding your next property management position, HR technology will substantially impact the process. Because HR is increasing its use of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes, organizations are changing the way they recruit, train and retain employees. Here are four ways HR technology will affect your property management career search. […]

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What Is a Gig Economy Worker?

Chances are you’ve heard of the gig economy. Although it’s on the rise as more workers choose a non-traditional approach to earning income, you may not know exactly what the gig economy is. Find out more information about the gig economy and how it benefits workers and companies. What the Gig Economy Is In the […]

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